Three (3) Personal Projects that I SHIPPED in 14 days.

November 2022

Pre-Monday work session rants

October 2022

Better start cooking

September 2022

Whose advice should you listen to as a startup founder?
In #startups, when you say PASSION what you really mean is OBSESSION. The former term is just more PR-friendly. AND... There is no one more OBSESSED…

June 2022

Slow relationship building activities for startups
Two startups. Each started just two months apart. One took the bootstrapping path. The other took to angels and accelerators. Guess which one is worth…

April 2022

..or how startups should act like Mother Nature

March 2022

Words are funny things. It takes years to know the right person to say it to. It takes months to find the right time to say them. It takes days to find…

February 2022

It's a long way to the top.
How Anna Delvey's hustle is also a startup story
About hard conversations you will encounter in life and business