Apr 6, 2021 • 56M

Episode 24 - Dominic Dosdos of Forgetful Bob

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Fleire Castro
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A chat with Dominic Dosdos of the local Cebu band Forgetful Bob. The Cebu punk + hardcore band shaped their music with a fresh new sound that echoes to every listener no matter the genre they prefer. 

They have a single released soon called "Days".

Days is an unapologetic love letter to your significant other who is far away. It’s about reminiscing the days when you were right beside each other and how you took that for granted because you never knew you’d ever be apart. It’s about longing for that person to come home. When the pandemic hit last year, the song suddenly perfectly reflected the situation of most people dealing with the quarantine, not just people going through LDR. It will resonate with you.